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Creative and

We understand that Lighting is one of the most important elements in creating a specific mood or atmosphere. Watch a room TRANSFORM right before your eyes when our ARPI Group technicians and lighting programmers create a balanced array of light combinations to complement a theme, decor setting, or set design. Our modern arsenal of lighting equipment can be displayed in interior/exterior settings, can be used to enhance ambiance, or can be programmed to enrich audio & video.

“You gave it life. We bring the tools. You bring the show.” Varilite

Crisp, Clear <br />

Crisp, Clear

ARPI Group understands the importance of Powerful, Clean, crisp sound throughout your venue or event site. Our staffed audio engineers and technicians operate our Professional lines of audio equipment at each event. Live Events, conferences, indoor/outdoor venues, and sound reinforcements are finely tuned to deliver that WOW sound you are looking for.

“More Art, Less Noise” D&B

Engaging <br />
Video Visual

Video Visual

Our extensive line of visual equipment plays a key role in displaying and capturing custom video content. Utilize our Professional line of video enhancing tools such as led screens, HD projectors, HD monitors, video mapping, HD cameras, and drone technologies to convey & capture the message to your audience and guests in a modern way.

“Experience the Best” Novastar

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  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Rigging
  • Vari-lite VL10
  • Vari-lite VL5
  • Vari-lite VL1100
  • Vari-lite VLZ Profile
  • Vari-lite Nitro 510C
  • Chauvet Strike 1 Blinder
  • Chauvet Maverick MKII Spot
  • Chauvet Wellfit
  • Chauvet Strike Color M
  • Chauvet Epix Strip IP
  • Chauvet LED Leko Ovation E-160 WW
  • Elation Chorus Line 16
  • Elation Proteus Maximus Profile
  • Elation Rayzor Blade L
  • Elation DTW350 IP
  • Elation DTW700 IP
  • Bistro Lights
  • K-VANT Laser
  • Kinetic ORBS
  • GrandMA3 Full, Light, Command Wing XT
  • GrandMA3 NPU
  • GrandMA2 Light, Ultralight
  • High End Systems Full Boar 4
  • Haze machines
  • d&b Audiotechnik J Series
  • d&b Audiotechnik Y Series
  • d&b Audiotechnik T Series
  • d&b Audiotechnik D80, D20, D12 Amplifiers
  • d&b Audiotechnik J Sub
  • d&b Audiotechnik GSL Sub
  • Digico SD9
  • Digico SD10
  • Digico SD10T
  • Digico SD12
  • Digico SD Rack
  • Digico D2 Rack
  • Yamaha CL5
  • Yamaha Rio 3224-D
  • Midas M32
  • Midas M32R
  • Shure Axient Wireless AD4Q
  • Shure Axient AD1, AD2, ADX1, ADX2
  • Shure QLX-D4 Wireless
  • Shure mic selection
  • Shure PSM1000 IEM
  • DJ Gear
  • Waves SoundGrid Extreme Server-C
  • Waves SuperRack
  • Dolby Lake Audio System Processor
  • Led Panel 3.9 indoor
  • Led Panel 3.9 outdoor
  • Led Panel 2.8 indoor
  • Barco Projectors
  • Projection screens
  • NovaStar MCTRL4K processors
  • Media Servers
  • LED TV 32’’, 43’’, 55’’, 86’’
  • Perfect Cue
  • Timer
  • Teleprompter
  • Blackmagic Cameras 4K-HD
  • Blackmagic Switcher
  • Stage deck 4’x8’
  • Stage deck 4’x4’
  • Wonderstructure
  • Eurotruss
  • Tomcat Truss 20”x 20” & 12” x 12”
  • ModTruss
  • Tomcat Ground Support Systems
  • Stagemaker SR10 1 TON
  • Stagemaker SR5 ½ TON
  • CM 1 TON
  • Spansets, steels, shackles
  • Applied motor controllers
  • Motor Cable 7-pin
  • Power distribution
  • Feeder Cables
  • Socapex 19-pin Cables
  • AC Cables
  • Cable Ramps
  • Generators 45 KVA, 75 KVA



We are passionate about bringing the best-in-class Distributors and Technologies together to provide the best experiences in the industry.

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